Fossil Hunters!

These are the best places in America to hunt for fossils!

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Created by Christopher Warren - June 3rd 2016

The awesome thing about fossils is that anyone has the chance to dig up something that hasn't seen the light of day for millions and millions of years. Fossils are literally all over. From giant Megalodon teeth in the East to trilobites in the Midwest to dinosaur bones across the West, these gems are hidden all over the country, ready to be discovered-- maybe even by you! Here are some of the best places to dig in the dirt, and maybe even find something valuable!

Photo of Dinosaur Valley State Park

4 miles west of Glen Rose. Take US Highway 67 to FM 205 for 4 miles to Park Road 59; then go one mile to the headquarters., Glen Rose, TX, US

Dinosaur Valley State Park

Photo of Fossil Park

5675 Centennial Road, Sylvania, OH, US

Fossil Park

Photo of Purse State Park

Route 224 on Riverside Rd, Indian Head, MD, US

Purse State Park

Va 347, Montross, VA, US

Westmoreland State Park

Photo of Penn Dixie Fossils

4050 North St, Blasdell, NY, US

Penn Dixie Fossils