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Sell your soul to satan at the Devil's Crossroads

Here's where to make a deal with the devil.

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Created by Tatiana Danger - May 24th 2016

If you aren't already a rock star, you might be wondering how you too could be rich and famous. Well, you could always do it the old fashioned way by practicing for years and writing a few hit songs, but who has the time for that? The easiest way is to just head down to Mississippi and make a deal with the devil.

Photo of Devil's Crossroads

599 N State St, Clarksdale, MS, US

Devil's Crossroads

While selling your soul to Satan isn't a new story by any means, the most popular legend revolves around a young man that lived on a plantation in rural Mississippi: Robert Johnson. Johnson wanted nothing more than to become a blues musician, and was one day instructed by "voices" to grab his guitar and and walk down to the nearby Dockery Plantation at midnight and wait. Johnson did as he was told, and soon a tall, dark man emerged from the darkness and took Johnson's guitar, tuned it, and played a few songs expertly before handing it back. When Johnson went to play, he found that we was an absolute master, so much so, that he went on to be credited as the man who invented the blues.

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387 Delta Ave, Clarksdale, MS, US

Ground Zero Blues Club


If your attempts to pawning off your immortal soul are unsuccessful, you can always swing by the Ground Zero Blues Club, an early 1900's cotton-grading warehouse that now acts a home to some of the best Delta blues and southern food in the area.

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123 Columbia Street, AR, US

St. Mary's Catholic Church


Then head to the Rock 'n Roll and Blues Heritage Museum where you can learn about the history of the blues and find out why your deal never happened.

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Photo of Rock 'n Roll and Blues Heritage Museum

113 E 2nd St, Clarksdale, MS, US

Rock 'n Roll and Blues Heritage Museum

Then cap off your trip with a visit to the beautiful St. Mary's Catholic Church where you can repent. God knows you'll need it.

Today, the infamous Devil's Crossroads where Johnson made his pact is a busy intersection at the corner of Highway 81 in Mississippi, one that's hard to miss thanks to the giant guitars that mark Satan's preferred meeting spot. Of course, some purists maintain that the true crossroads are located a bit further away in Rosedale, so hey, if it doesn't work at one, there's nothing stopping you from trying at another.

Tatiana Danger

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