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Road Trip To The Walking Dead Filming Locations

Fight the dead. Fear the living.

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Created by Roadtrippers - March 31st 2016

Between ruthless outlaws and the omnipresent zombies, you probably wouldn't last too long in the world of The Walking Dead. That being said, AMC's show is pretty amazing. It takes place in Georgia, and is shot almost entirely in and around the state, which makes visiting filming locations super easy...but of course, there are some spots that remain out of reach. For example, Hershel's farm has been locked down, and the owners reportedly regret letting their property be used as a filming location since so many people have come by looking to visit/find shelter from the never-ending hoards of walkers. There's also the sad fact that the prison scenes weren't filmed at a real prison, but on a restricted access movie lot (to keep out the zombies, presumably). But, at least you can grab a horse, or a tank, or an abandoned car from I-85 and head across Georgia to check out these Walking Dead filming locations that are open to visitors (spoilers ahead, naturally).

Photo of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

1600 Clifton Rd, Atlanta, GA, US

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Thankfully, you're only visiting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention because you want to, not because you're fighting a plague that's turned almost the entire population into flesh-eating, undead monsters. Since you're just here for funsies, check out their free museum, which features exhibits on public health and the history of the CDC...and it's a great place to brush up on how to protect yourself in case of a Walking Dead-type situation in real life.

Photo of Rick's House - The Walking Dead

817 Cherokee Ave SE, Atlanta, GA, US

Rick's House - The Walking Dead

Take yourself back to the (relatively) simpler days of the pilot episode with a visit to Rick's house. It was his first stop, upon waking up to the zombie apocalypse. In real life, it was unoccupied at the time the first season was being filmed. Now, it's been remodeled and inhabited, so remember to be respectful!

Photo of Terminus - The Walking Dead

793 Windsor Street Southwest, Atlanta, GA, US

Terminus - The Walking Dead

The abandoned rail yard where the community known as "Terminus" lived is a good place to reflect on good and evil in the post-apocalyptic world of "The Walking Dead." Would you rather succumb to a paranoid existence, like the Terminants, or die trying to keep a spark of good alive? Fun fact: "Terminus" was an early name for the city of Atlanta, where a lot of the show takes place, since it was the end of the Western and Atlantic railroad line.

Photo of Westside Reservoir Park

Johnson Rd. and Donald Lee Hollowell Highway, Atlanta, GA, US

Westside Reservoir Park

The survivor's camp where Rick is reunited with Lori and Carl in Season 1 was located at the Westside Reservoir Park. It's a great place to set up camp, regardless of whether or not you're hiding from walkers. Bonus: if zombies aren't your cup of tea, scenes from "The Vampire Diaries" have been filmed here as well!

Photo of The Arena - Walking Dead Filming Location

5 Perry Street, Newnan, GA, US

The Arena - Walking Dead Filming Location

The disturbing gladiator-style staged fights that the Governor puts on for the residents of Woodbury to "blow off steam" take place in this arena. It's a great place to hone your walker-fighting skills, if you're game to fight Merle.

Photo of Grantville - Walking Dead Filming Location

Main Street, Grantville, GA, US

Grantville - Walking Dead Filming Location

In a twist of irony, a show about the undead has brought the sleepy little town of Grantville back to life. It was once known as the only place in the county to buy bottled liquor, but now they offer Walking Dead tours on the weekends, and the town's reputation as a Walking Dead filming location is bringing in tourists for the first time in years.

Photo of Steve's Pharmacy - The Walking Dead

101 Main St., Sharpsburg, GA, US

Steve's Pharmacy - The Walking Dead

You should always be on the lookout for a well-stocked abandoned drug store during any apocalypse scenario...but don't count on Steve's Pharmacy. Even though this is where Maggie and Glenn stock up in the show, it's actually an abandoned storefront. You can't miss it, since someone has written "Steve's Pharmacy, Walkers welcome" on the windows!

Sadly, you won't be able to toss back a drink with Hershel at the Carriage Bar, since it's actually an auction house that was turned into a drinkery for the show. But, on the bright side, you won't have to deal with any bad guys trying to ruin your good time while you're visiting!

Photo of Senoia

53 Main Street, Atlanta, GA, US


The quaint little town of Senoia, Georgia served as the filming location for most of Woodbury. The house where Carl finds chocolate pudding, the governor's house, and a building where Rick and Carl take shelter are all in this area.

434-592 Rover Zetella Rd, Williamson, GA, US

Graffiti Barn - The Walking Dead

It's easy to recognize the "Graffiti Barn" as the one where the Governor got the name "Brian Heriot," even though the graffiti and message have been painted over.

At the end of the day, we can all agree that the impending zombie apocalypse is inevitable, and it probably can't hurt to immerse yourself in the TV know, to get used to the idea of hiding from walkers.


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