Today is World Television Day! Before you start binge watching episodes of Vampire Dairies you should know that WTVD was was created to celebrate the “increasing impact television has on decision-making” and not to support Game of Thrones addiction. That being said, here’s a list of the most essential TV Studio Tours responsible for bringing us our favorite brain junk-food.


1. Warner Brothers VIP Studio Tour 


This 2 hour and 15 minute tour takes you on a guided jaunt through the back lots, sound stages, shops, sets and prop rooms of our favorite shows like The Mentalist, The Big Bang Theory, and Conan. Heck, they even have a badass Harry Potter props and costumes tour.


2. Sony Pictures Studio Tours 


Sure, Wheel of Fortune is for old people but you want to see Breaking Bad‘s rolling meth lab don’t you? Well you’ll have to jump on board the Sony Pictures Tour and endure a little Jeopardy in order to see the Walt and Jesse’s very own Crystal Ship. It’ll be worth it.


3. Paramount Studios Tour


Take a guided tour of the longest standing major television and film studio in tinseltown. Think about it, that’s 100 years of movie stuff to eyeball!


4. NBC Studio Tour


Who doesn’t want to see inside 30 Rock, right? No you wont see Kenneth, but I’m willing to bet NBC has scoured New York for his real life doppelgänger, and that’s close enough! This Rockefeller location is home to the most famous studio stages in late night entertainment history.

5. MTV Studios Tour


MTV may not technically have a tour, but you that doesn’t have to stop you from standing outside their studios and pretending you’re on Total Request Live. While you’re there you can lament about how awesome MTV used to be before they stopped playing music videos and started playing.. ugh.. Snookie.


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