Sedona, Arizona and its Oak Creek Canyon Drive is by far one of America's most interesting areas. It's a little slice of desert paradise filled with churches and hiking and jewelry and... vortexes? Yeah, a guided tour through Sedona's prettiest drive and all of its unique quirks might be really helpful. The nice part about this particular tour is that it can be totally customized to your specific interests, but here's a sampling of what the Oak Creek Canyon has to offer.

You'll definitely want to take at least a quick stop at the Oak Creek Vista. Here, you can soak up the views of Sedona and browse the jewelry and crafts sold by Native Americans who are in the know about the stunning overlook. It's less crowded here, so take them time to talk with the vendors about their craft and what they love about Sedona. Then, head into the beauty with a by hiking to Airport Mesa. Plus, the trail offers more than just breathtaking views of red rocks, stately pines, and majestic mesas: you'll also get to visit a vortex. 

Sedona is known for being home to more than one vortex: it's a site of swirling energy that, when visited, is said to have an effect on a person's mental, psychic, spiritual, or inner self. People who come to Sedona to visit one of the four vortexes (vorticies?) usually spend time meditating, praying, or relfecting while visiting the sites. Whether you're a staunch believer in the power of an energy vortex, or a curious observer, it's definitely worth a visit while you're in Sedona-- and you'll have your guide to give you advice, as well! Even if you're totally skeptical about vortexes, the Airport Mesa Vortex offers panoramic views of the desert that are worth the hike alone.

After you've been re-energized by the vortex (or the scenery) you can check out the Chapel of the Holy Cross for a more traditional spiritual experience. The Catholic church was built right into a rocky mesa. A local rancher and artist inspired and encouraged the construction of the chapel so that people of all religions and creeds could have a place to relfect on Sedona's beauty. And if you're feeling extra inspired while visiting, you won't be surprised to learn that it is also built on the alleged site of a Sedona vortex.

Other stops that you can choose to include along your tour include Cathedral RockBell Rock, Boynton Canyon, the city of Tlaquepaque, or Schnebly Hill Road. Honestly, though, you really can't go wrong with whatever you choose. All of Oak Creek Canyon is worth exploring, and who knows? Maybe you'll find more than just pretty views and special crafts on your trip!

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