Looking for the perfect place to stay in Savannah? Check out Laura's Cottage—  it’s a beautiful old pine cabin dating to 1799, complete with “antiques, original region artwork, and oriental carpets” and its very own ghost. Because no visit to Savannah is complete without meeting at least one spooky spirit! Laura’s Cottage is a popular stop on many Savannah ghost tours. Of course, a visit from beyond the grave isn’t guaranteed, but here’s one alleged account of meeting the ghost from a cottage guest:

"Laura visited 3 times - The cottage is said to be haunted by Laura, a black lady who lived in it for 50 years. The first week was very chilly in Savannah. Laura made herself known to us on 3 visits. The first was by opening a downstairs window from the bottom up on one chilly morning. The window was locked! Soon after she flickered the lights over the dining table, and the bulbs were in nice and tight. On the coldest night of the year, you could smell wood smoldering like a campfire after water had been poured on it. It was on and off, but so strong that we checked the cottage. Laura was telling us she would keep us warm. We never saw or heard her, but she was there.”

The owners don’t have a whole ton of background on the cottage’s resident ghost beyond acknowledging her existence (and that Laura once lived in the cabin and was known for the lovely flowers she cared for) but they give plenty of info on the cabin itself. It’s 1,000 square feet, with three beds, a full kitchen, laundry on site and off-street parking, plus it’s in an amazing central location within walking distance of many of downtown’s main attractions like Forsyth Park as well as countless historical sites and museums, but it’s still in a wooded area with a peaceful secluded garden. Basically, you get the best of both worlds.

If all that sounds like your kind of lodging but you’re not so hot on encountering the unseen while on vacation, don’t be afraid to book a stay anyways— just make sure you introduce yourself to Laura and let her know why you’re there, and she’ll probably leave you alone.

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