The origin of Pigman Road Bridge in Angola, NY is one that’s half steeped in history, and half in urban legend. The mile long stretch of road has been terrifying teenagers, ghost hunters, a curiosity seekers for well over 50 years, and will continue to tingle-spines for years to come. 


On December 18, 1867 tragedy struck the town of Angola when a train carrying a load of passengers took a turn for the worse, while on Holland Road. Just as the train was passing along the bridge, the rear coach axel unhooked, derailing it and sending it sliding down the embankment. 


Unfortunately in the commotion of the fall, the coal stoves inside the car opened and a massive fire erupted inside the boxcar, burning all but three of the passengers alive. 

“These lonely three survived, and were left scarred for life, both physically and emotionally. The burns that covered their bodies were no match for the horrifying screams of their fellow passengers that forever lurked in their minds.” - Subboard

There’s yet another legend associated with Holland Road, that involves a dangerous killer who hunted for his victims in the woods surrounding the winding stretch of road. The legend of Pigman got its name when the infamous murder would place the heads of pigs on stakes all along the the wooded edge. 


According to the legend, Pigman is responsible for the murder of a group of teenage boys, whose heads were found posted up on stakes along the woods. Locals who have lived in the area for well over 40 years swear that Pigman is still hiding in the woods, leaving proof that he’s still around for neighbors to find. 


The stretch of empty road that passes under the Pigman Bridge is one of the lesser known haunted roads in America. But if you’re looking for some real scares tonight, grab a friend, and make your way to Pigman Road… just, try to keep your head about you. Mwahaha! 


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