Wolfe Manor is a place that many ghost hunters refer to as a “paranormal hotspot”. For years, the old house on Clovis Avenue just outside of Gettysburg (California) has been a draw for everyone from reality show hosts to trick or treaters, but for the first time, the owners are offering a way to take a piece of haunted history home with you.


Built in the 1920′s, Wolfe Manor was once used as a sanitarium, a convalescent home, and now… as a haunted mansion. According to the owner, Todd Wolfe, the “experts” from five different ghost hunting reality television shows have decided that the building is filled with restless spirits. Now, the city of Clovis is threatening to demolish the mansion unless it’s brought up to code.

Worried that he may not be able to save the building in time, Todd Wolfe has begun to auction off pieces of the famous haunted house, ensuring that even if the manor is destroyed, pieces of its story will live on.

Wolfe Manor 006

The first piece of haunted history is plaque featuring a cherub listed on eBay. For years, the plaque hung over a bed in the part of the house known as “Mary’s Room”. The starting price was just under fifty dollars for the piece, but as of this writing, 38 bids have bumped the current price up to well over $400. There’s still six days to go, so changes are that Ghost Adventures fans could very well push the price several times that.

“It was basically a test. I knew I was going to be selling items in the house,” Wolf told local news. “I’m excited people have such an interest in the house.”

Wolf plans on selling hundreds of items, from old medical supplies dating back to the building’s sanitarium days, to strange pieces found buried under the house. Of course, each item comes with a disclaimed distancing Wolf from any unintended paranormal consequences.

“I don’t want anybody saying, ‘Now that I bought this item, there’s things going on in my house,’” he says.

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If you want to get in on the auction for anomalous trinkets, head over to the eBay listing here. Want to visit the infamously haunted house before it gets the wrecking ball? Use the interactive map below to plot your own trip.