Less than a two hour drive from Seattle, nestled in old growth forest of the southeast corner of Washington's Olympic Peninsula, lies the Vance Creek Railway Bridge, along the Vance Creek Viaduct Trail. The bridge was built in 1929 and was vital in providing timber companies access to Washington's lush forests.


The bridge itself was built 347 feet over a part of the Skokomish River and spanned 422 feet across it. In the 1970s the logging industry began a steady decline and the bridge fell into disuse and was eventually forgotten. The bridge is the second tallest railway trestle in America. And it is still a sight to behold.

Here's an incredible drone video of the bridge:

Today the Vance Creek Bridge is a popular place for hikers and thrillseekers. Although it's technically located on private property, that hasn't stopped curiosity-seekers to visit, even though walking across the bridge is pretty damn dangerous. Apps and websites like Instagram, Twitter, Reddit and Facebook have made the bridge a viral hit, as hundreds of people visit every day in spring and summer in order to get the perfect shot to share with their social networks.

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The railway ties range from four inches apart to as much as a foot, so it's not the safest bridge to span. Most people only make it across the first 40 feet, and then chicken out. NOTE: The photo below is by Jordan Voth. Check out more of his amazing work at his website jordanvoth.com.

Jordan Voth

The midpoint of the bridge does, however, provide a fantastic vantage point to look at Mount Rainier. If you have a fear of heights you'll want to enjoy looking at the bridge from a scenic vista that's a safe distance away. 


There are some primitive trails around the bridge as well, but be warned, local law enforcement are known to issue tickets for trespassing. 


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