For many, Tonopah, Nevada is just a place to fuel up on the way to Vegas, but one building at the edge of town offers more than just gasoline... it offers nightmare fuel. Tremble in fear at the most terrifying motel in the world: The Clown Motel

If you're thinking of booking a night at the Clown Motel, you better make sure you call ahead and reserve your room. Believe it or not, despite the ghosts of long dead miners and thousands of menacing clowns, they have a habit of booking up.  Some of us just love to be scared.

Looking for more creepy lodging near you? You could always book a night at Massachussetts' Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast Museum and sleep in the same bed where an infamous axe murder occurred, spend the night cowering beneath your sheets in Luisiana's infamous Myrtles Plantation, or pitch a tent at California's Camp Comfort Park, the closest you'll get to a real life Camp Crystal Lake.

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