If you’re an actor, it makes sense you’d have a little bigger appreciation for movie filming locations than the average joe, but Dominic Pace’s 250-stop movie locations road trip takes appreciation to a whole new level…

It started simply enough… “Let’s get the kids out of the house,” thought Pace. They cruised over to Griffith Observatory to recreate James Dean’s fight scene from Rebel Without a Cause, and from there the whole family was off to the races… Pace’s new goal was to get his kids to as many famous movie landmarks as possible, starting with their hometown, Los Angeles.


LA has enough filming locations to keep you busy for months, and the Paces made the rounds to places like John Marshall High School where the song “Summer Lovin'” in Grease was filmed, the Brady Bunch house in Studio City, and Golf N' Stuff where Ralph gets his first kiss in the Karate Kid.


Then the family decided to move to NYC for a year, and their little hobby turned into the filming locations road trip of a lifetime…

The family headed north to Oregon for stops like Cannon Beach for a Goonies-inspired picture with Haystack Rock and a trip up to the The Goonies House Film Location

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For more on the Goonies house, check out this tour video:

They drove through Canyonlands National Park and Arches National Park where the John Wayne flick, Fort Apache, and Thelma & Louise were filmed.

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As they crossed the cornfields of Iowa they stopped to have a little father-son catch at the Field of Dreams Movie Site...


Then it was off to Chicago where John Hughes filmed so many of his 80s classics… They did their best Cameron impression at Cameron's house from Ferris Bueller and sported Tom Cruise-shades at the Risky Business house and more before heading to Indiana for some sports glory…

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They stopped at the Grotto at the University of Notre Dame to pay homage to Rudy...

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The Rudy-inspired stop meant something special to Pace:

Being an actor, the struggle I’ve been through, Rudy taught me at a young age that no matter what, you never give up. You’re never too low for anything. Hold your dreams high. And standing there on that field with my boys was so important for me. I wanted them to know that.

Next on the agenda, they switched from football to basketball with a stop at the Historic Hoosier Gym in Knightstown, IN, made famous as Hickory's home gym in the movie, Hoosiers...

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Ohio had more great stops as Pace pretended to be Andy from Shawshank Redemption at the Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield and then got the Christmas spirit at the A Christmas Story House and Museum in Cleveland.

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Of course, they ran the Rocky Steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and looked for Jaws at Martha's Vinyard, tasted high society at the Gatsby Mansion, and more on their way to NYC.

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Once in the NY/NJ area, they reported for duty at the Ghostbusters Headquarters, said hello to Jason at Camp Crystal Lake in Blairstown, NJ...

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But why do a trip like this? Why go to all the effort to stand in front of places featured in a movie? Well, the best answer for that comes from the end of their trip... Pace connected with his recently widowed grandmother in NYC and told her about visiting the Field of Dreams filming location and how it reminded him of his grandfather, her husband. Pace says, “It’s about the relationships you have with your family. It’s about memories. Movies are memories.”

Oh, speaking of “family,” Pace made his last stop the famous Bada Bing strip club from the Sopranos... From Yahoo:

Grandma stood in front.

“What is this place?” she asked.

“Just put your two thumps up really high!” Pace said.

She did, with a big smile.


And he took her photo.

Well played, Pace.

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