Michigan’s Lighthouses are the homes to a few otherworldly caretakers. Step inside to see if you can keep up with these ghostly keepers.

Haunted by Captain Joseph Townsend, the Seul Choix Lighthouse in Gulliver, Michigan, guests and staff have reported smelling Townsend’s favorite cigars. Place settings and chairs are also disturbed on numerous accounts. Check out the Seul Choix Lighthouse to see if you can catch the Captain peering through the windows yourself.

An inactive Lighthouse still keeps the lights on thanks to George Parris who passed away in the Old Presque Isle Lighthouse on Presque Isle, Michigan. The Air National Guard has reported seeing the light, even though the Coast Guard removed the old light. George’s Earthly body no longer remains he still tends to the Lighthouse to this day.

A ghost that cleans may be a blessing, or it may be a curse. At the White River Light Station in Whitehall, Michigan, Captain William Robinson still keeps a tidy building. The museum curator reports that if a dust rag is left on the display case that George will clean the case and remove the rag. The old Captain can also be heard pacing upstairs, probably waiting to service his Lighthouse.

Could you spend the night with a ghost? At the Big Bay Lighthouse Bed & Breakfast you could get your chance. The Lighthouse’s first keeper, William Prior, haunts the Big Bay Point Lighthouse, on Lake Superior. After the death of his son Prior disappeared into the woods. A year after his strange disappearance a man found a skeleton hanging in a tree, presumably William Prior. With reports of unexplained slamming doors, could it be William Prior waiting for his family’s return?



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