You'd have no reason to think that a fierce battle between good and evil is being waged inside this unassuming house in Brentwood, Pennsylvania. The attractive turn-of-the-century home looks like any other on Brownsville Road, but according to former Allegheny County commissioner Bob Cranmer and exorcist Adam Blai, it's a target for minions from the bowels of hell.

When Cranmer and his family purchased the home in 1988, they never expected to share it with a demon.

“Not long after we moved in, we came to the conclusion that it was haunted, that there was a ghost,” Cranmer told local news. “Many times it would be a black, foggy cloud... it would scratch us at night, bite us."

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Cramner claims that blood would drip from the home's walls, crucifixes would twist and bend, rosaries would shatter, and the terrible stench of sulfur would fill the building.

“I went to the Catholic Church and Bishop (Donald) Wuerl out of desperation,” he said. “It was determined that it was an infestation of our house. And, again, this sounds creepy, but an infestation of our house of a demonic force.”

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It wasn't long until skeptic Adam Blai was on the case, a case that ended up challenging his disbelief so much that he would later become an exorcist.

I watched black shadows that slid along the floor and the walls. I also witnessed a stench of a column of air that moved on its own volition that didn’t leave any lingering scent behind it – that was horrible, that seemed to be some type of thing, an entity.

Now Cramner has decided to share his story with the world, penning "The Demon of Brownsville Road", a book that documents his harrowing, two-year struggle with the demonic, a story that he knows not everyone will so easily believe.

“I think I have a credibility that when I say something happened, folks can believe it. This isn’t some flat Earth, alien abduction story. This happened,” Cranmer said, implying that higher intelligence from outer space is somehow crazier than invisible monsters from hell. I mean, hey, would a government official ever lie?

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“This thing did not want to give up. It was a relentless back and forth battle. Where it would prevail, there were several rooms in the house that we could no longer use. But in the end, the power of the Lord prevailed.”

Or just the power of Hollywood trends. In recent years movie studios have had a habit of optioning paranormal books and turning them into box office smashes like The Conjuring, so one can't help but find the timing just a wee bit convenient.

"The Demon of Brownsville Road" is set to hit shelves in August, but if you don't feel like waiting, you can always check out last year's episode of The Exorcist Files that focused on the case... or just watch The Amityville Horror again.