We’ve all done it… Crashed in the car for a night or two. Whether you fell on hard times or passed out after some hard partying (maybe both simultaneously), you know how it feels to wake up with a sore neck, strained back, and drool all over the windows. Yeah, traditionally sleeping in a car has been plain awful, but thanks to these two inflatable mattresses, your car or truck might not be such a bad place to pass out after all.


The Fuloon, for example, only costs about $120, but can be inflated to create a nice, flat bed in the backseat of almost any car. The best part is the Fuloon’s versatility. Not only does it give you a bed, it gives you a sofa and a raft. The Fuloon inflates thanks to a 12-volt-powered pump.


Of course, if you have a pickup truck you already know you have an 8ft bed that never has to be made, (Thanks Joe Diffie) but that steel bed can get a little hard without just the right inflatable mattress to throw in there on your next trip.


Look no further than AirBedz:

AirBedz, seen on ABC's "SHARK TANK", fits mid & full sized trucks in long & short bed layouts. The patented design comes with Heavy Duty Cloth Material for superior puncture resistance with cutouts on each side that allow the mattress to fit around & over the wheel wells, creating a sleep area that utilizes the entire truck bed. A Built In Rechargeable Pump inflates & deflates AirBedz at the flip of a switch. An integrated air coil system evenly distributes weight across a 12 inch thick mattress, providing a better night's sleep to the outdoor enthusiast.

And to really make you want to sleep in the bed of your truck they’ve got all these pictures of everything from families enjoying the outdoors thanks to the air mattresses to lovers getting all cozy in a pickup truck bed.


And of course there are pictures from their booth at the SEMA show in Vegas last fall… Sorry, the AirBedz mattress does not come with a random model to lay in the truck bed with you.


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