Finally, a lazy river that's not filled with Band-Aids and tons of chlorine!


I have a hard time picturing anything more peaceful than floating down a river on a tube, lazily enjoying the sights that slowly pass by. If you're anything like me, the closest you'll get to experiencing this is at a crowded water park, complete with yelling kids and snow cones floating in the wave pool. If you've been searching for a less noisy alternative like I have, then perhaps Lihue Plantation should be your next vacation destination.


Lihue Plantation, located on the island of Kauai, was built around 1870 and is a vast sprawling complex filled with untold history and beauty. While I'm sure the rest of the complex is worth visiting and learning about, I know the real reason you're here is to get some info about floating! So without further adieu...

The series of canals that makes up the 'lazy river' were originally built as irrigation canals to transport the massive amounts of water needed to grow sugar canes. As you float, you'll notice the large Hawaiian trees and glowing green grass along side old stone arches. Much of it wouldn't be out of place in an Indiana Jones movie, except here you don't have to worry about rolling boulders or face-melting Nazis (though can you ever really be too safe?).


The company that owns the access to the canals, Kauai Backcountry Adventure, operates a variety of attractions on the island, which makes this a good bet for the whole family. Those looking to relax can enjoy the slow gentle pace of the tubing, while any thrillseekers in the group can get their adrenaline pumping by zooming down the zip lines.

Who knew a sugar farm could be so sweet?

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