A musician that’s into motorcycles is nothing new. Heck, having a motorcycle is almost a prerequisite to being a big rock star, but few rock stars are as truly in love with bikes as Billy Joel. That’s why he created 20th Century Cycles, a space to share his love of motorcycles with others and to maintain his collection of 75+ bikes. The best part? In the summer it's open to the public!


20th Century Cycles describe how they were born:

20th Century Cycles is the culmination of Billy Joel's love of motorcycles and his passion for motorcycle design. Since, in his opinion, he believes that vintage motorcycles look better and, since he also is aware that modern motorcycles tend to work better, all of the bikes in the collection have been transformed in one way or another into rideable, practical machines with a nod toward the past.

The shop, as it stands today, was born out of necessity: the need for space. As the collection grew it became apparent that in order to properly build, store and service the 75+ bikes in the collection a larger, more accommodating facility was needed. The perfect shop was found where we could do all of the things mentioned plus share the collection with the public.

Admission is free, but the hours are a little tight. The shop is open to the public on Tuesday evenings from 6-8 p.m. and from 10 a.m.- 4 p.m. on the weekends. If you’re a motorcycle fan, a Billy Joel fan, or both, 20th Century Cycles should be on your Oyster Bay, NY bucket list.


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