North Carolina has some pretty incredible scenery, and the best way to view it all is to head to Chimney Rock State Park, just outside the cozy little town of Asheville. Chimney Rock State Park's main attraction is the magnificent, 315-foot mountain formation that givevs the park its name. The 25-minute hike to the top along the Outcroppings Trail (also known as the "Ultimate Stairmaster") contains 491 steps, but the effort is all worth it once you reach the peak, called Exclamation Point (so punny!), and take in the breathtaking views-- you can see 75 miles of pure Blue Ridge beauty. The rock also hides a secret 26-story elevator inside, in case you're not up for the hike but don't want to miss the scenery. 

Chimney Rock State Park North Carolina

Chimney Rock State Park North Carolina

The park also contains the impressive 404-foot Hickory Falls, in case you want to cool off in its refreshing mist after conquering the Ultimate Stairmaster, and guided rock climbing. It's also home to Grady the adorable Groundhog and Gneiss Cave, which is notorious for its purported history of moonshine production. And, movie buffs may recognize the landscape from the film adaptation of The Last of the Mohicans. Forgot to pack a lunch? No sweat! There are a few places to grab a sandwich, a drink, or an ice cream (you deserve it!) inside the park as well. They've got everything you need for a perfect outdoors adventure- fresh mountain air included!

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