Colorado's mountains are pretty breathtaking, but just beyond them; you'll find the equally stunning views of Canyon Country. Road tripping from Denver down into Utah is a drive filled with drastically changing scenery, but you'll find it's all equally worth exploring! But, one of our absolute favorite places is Lake Powell.


Lake Powell is encompassed within the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and is at the mouth of the Grand Canyon. The lake is extremely scenic with tall canyons, red rock formations and sand dunes—it’s a wonderful place for recreation such as house-boating, water skiing, kayaking, fishing, hiking, camping, exploration and so much more. Here is an interesting fact…the stunning body of water known as Lake Powell has more coastline than the entire west coast…with finger inlets of turquoise blue water stretching for miles. Here are five things you can’t miss when visiting Lake Powell."


Begin in Denver, and head to nearby Dinosaur Ridge , where you can gawk at an impressive collection of dinosaur tracks and bones that were nearly destroyed by construction of the road they rest next to! Fast-forward through time to see some more recent history at the Argo Gold Mine and Mill. You can explore the tunnels and massive five-story mill where ore was dug up and pounded into dust so that gold could be extracted, and see a museum dedicated to the region's gold rush history. 

If you're looking for something a little more thrilling head to Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park to try out their pneumatic swing this attraction swings you right off the edge of a 1,200 feet cliff above the Colorado River at a gut-dropping 50 miles per hour and 112 degree angle. Take a hike to the beautiful Rifle Falls State Park to soak in the views of the triple cascade waterfall, or drive Rim Rock Road around the Colorado National Monument to see the massive red rocks that mark the beginning of Canyon Country. 

You'll pass by several legendary ghost towns, like Cisco, Utah and Sego, Utah, which are classic road trip stops.  Take in the sunset vistas with a drive to two remarkable vantage points along the rims of Canyonlands National Park and Dead Horse Point State Park. Stop for the night in Moab Under Canvas, where you can stay in a luxuriously furnished tent or tepee and enjoy Moab's stargazing. Visiting Newspaper Rock State Historical Monument, you can witness the native cultures that painted their ancient messages on this iconic rock. 

Since Canyon Country offers an overwhelming amount of stuff to see and do, let the Canyon Country Discovery Center help you. They offer pre-planned outdoor adventures into the Great Outdoors letting you focus on enjoying the experience instead of logistics. Reserve your spot on their epic tour Hiking and Archaeology Adventure on Lake Powell. You travel around breathtaking lake on a houseboat as your guides take you to some of the prettiest and most remote canyons and natural features along the way. Plus, your guide is an archaeologist who's spent a lifetime exploring the region. You won't find a better way to truly immerse yourself in Canyon Country! 

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