While Alaska is known for its majestic mountain peaks and stunning views of the Northern Lights, one of the state's most recognizable landmarks is, well.. pretty hideous. The massive urethane igloo has been a tourism staple since the 1970s, but now one lucky owner has the chance to have it all to themselves.

The huge structure was originally created to serve as a hotel, but never finished. For decades the building has sat abandoned along the side of Parks Highway, a stark contrast to the nearby Denali National Park. After being passed around from owner to owner for 40 years, none of whom ever bothered to complete or renovate the building, the current property owner has listed the building for sale at a cool (get it? 'Cause it's an igloo!) three-hundred grand. He hopes someone will finally finish the structure and use it for its intended purpose.


"If you had the money to get it going, I have no doubt that you could make money there just because of where it is," current owner Brad Fisher told reporters. "I mean, everybody stops and looks at it."

And he's right. Despite the fact that the tacky monument has been abandoned forever, it still continues to draw visitors in droves each year, each hoping to snap a selfie with the white dome. 


If you're in the market for a huge igloo, there's a few things you should know. For one, it's about 20 minutes away from the nearest town. Secondly, it completely lacks electricity. Hey, at least it doesn't lack for authenticity.