To the dismay of paranormal investigators everywhere, a building known for its phantom residents, disembodied voices, and a cache of bones in the basement was lost to a fire on Monday night, and investigators are worried that the blaze might not have been an accident..

After 153 years, the historic Emmitt House in Waverly, Ohio met its end in a blaze that took over 60 firefighters to quell. The house had most recently gained popularity as a haunted hotspot after the building’s workers began reporting some very strange things.. including the ghost of the man who build the home.

After Grim Discovery, Historic Haunted House Lost in Mysterious Fire

In the summer of 2012, local ghost hunters performing an investigation of the anomalous activity stumbled upon a cache of bones in the basement, turning the spooky building into a police investigation and drawing the attention of SyFy’s Haunted Collector, who featured the Emmitt House on their series last year. Despite the regular efforts of investigators to quell the hauntings that plagued the home, the spooky activities only continued.

Now police are working on an investigation of their own.. what, or who, started the mysterious blaze?

“(No cause) has been ruled out or in,” Michael Duchesne, the fire marshal’s assistant director of communications told local news. “The fact that we are looking for information shouldn’t be read into, however. With so many present at the time of the fire, we are just hoping perhaps someone has something useful to get to the bottom of the cause.”

After Grim Discovery, Historic Haunted House Lost in Mysterious Fire

The blaze was estimated to cause over a million dollars in damages, and any hopes that the historical building would be restored were dashed when it was demolished on Tuesday.

After Grim Discovery, Historic Haunted House Lost in Mysterious Fire

The Emmitt House was built in 1861 by entrepreneur James Emmitt, a man best known for his creation of “magical cure-all” that he “discovered” when a mule kicked a barrel of lamp oil into some drinking alcohol. Yes, people drank that stuff to “cure” their ailments.

No wonder the place was haunted.


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