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  1. The Mcmohan Building in Wichita Falls is the "World’s Smallest Skyscraper".
  2. Dr. Phil McGraw was given a football scholarship to attend the University of Tulsa but was injured and forced to transfer to Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls.
  3. The name of Wichita Falls is derived from the Choctaw Indians who were the original settlers of the area in the early 1700's. The name "wia chitoh," which means "big arbor," was a description of the grass-thatched arbors in the Wichita's village.
  4. Wichita Falls is home to the annual Hotter'N'Hell Hundred . The weekend event regularly draws more than 13,000 people to ride in the nation's largest century bicycle ride.
  5. Sheppard Air Force Base, located five miles north of Wichita Falls' central business district, is the largest training base in the nation.

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