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Vienna Essential Info


Vienna is a town in the US state of Virginia, not far from Washington, D.C..

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Fun Facts

  1. John Hunter built the first recorded house there in 1767, naming it Ayr Hill, naming it from his birthplace, Ayr, Scotland.
  2. In August 2013, CNN/Money and Money magazine ranked Vienna third on its list of the 100 best places to live in the United States.
  3. The name of the town was changed in the 1850s, when a doctor named William Hendrick settled there on the condition that the town would rename itself after his hometown, Phelps, New York, then known as Vienna.
  4. Robert Hanssen was arrested in Vienna in 2001 for spying for the Russian intelligence service. His home was outside the town but had a Vienna mailing address. He used dead drops in nearby Foxstone Park to deliver U.S. government secrets to his handlers, and to collect cash or diamonds in exchange.
  5. David Baldacci, an international best seller author, lives with his family in Vienna.

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