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Victorville Essential Info


Victorville is a city in San Bernardino County in Southern California.

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Fun Facts

  1. In 1901, the community's name was changed by the United States Post Office from "Victor" to "Victorville" due to the confusion associated with the community of Victor, Colorado.
  2. Victorville is the only city in Southern California and one of only 27 cities in the nation to be selected for Bloomberg Philanthropies' What Works Cities.
  3. In 1940, Herman J. Mankiewicz and John Houseman wrote the first two drafts of the screenplay for the film Citizen Kane in Victorville. They worked in seclusion for 12 weeks while residing at the North Verde Ranch, now called the Kemper Campbell Ranch.
  4. The Hitcher (1986), starring Rutger Hauer, C. Thomas Howell, and Jennifer Jason Leigh, was filmed at the Outpost truck stop. Many local residents were used as extras.

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