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Tulsa Essential Info


Tulsa is in the Green Country region of Oklahoma. It is also called “T-town” by the locals and has been called the "Oil Capital of the World". The city had about 391,000 people and the metro area had about 937,000 people as of 2010 from the US Census Bureau. The Tulsa Bartlesville Combined area had 988,000 in the 2010 census.

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Fun Facts

  1. Because of a state law banning tattoos, it’s been illegal to get a tattoo in Tulsa since 1963.
  2. American country pop singer-songwriter Garth Brooks was born in Tulsa
  3. The YIELD sign was first invented in 1950 by Clinton Riggs, a retired Tulsa police captain.
  4. The first transistorized sportfishing sonar device was invented by the late 1950’s by Carl Lowrance and his sons in Tulsa.
  5. You are technically not allowed to open a soda bottle without the supervision of a licensed engineer in Tulsa, a law which is obviously unenforced.

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