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Taos Essential Info


Taos is a town in New Mexico in the United States, about a two hours' drive from Santa Fe. It is noted for its art colony, skiing, and Taos Pueblo, a photogenic American Indian community that is open to visitors under controlled conditions. These attractions have made it a popular travel destination in recent years.

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Fun Facts

  1. Taos is one of the oldest continuously occupied communities in the United States. People still live in some of its 900 year old buildings.
  2. In 1898, Artists Bert Phillips and Ernest Blumenschein stopped to have a broken wagon wheel repaired, became enchanted with Taos and decided to stay. This event started an immigration of artists that continues today.
  3. In 1965, the second highest suspension bridge in the U.S. highway system was built spanning the Rio Grande Gorge. It is called the "bridge to nowhere" while it was being built because there was no funding continue the road on the other side.
  4. In 1970, the US government returned 48,000 acres of mountain land including the sacred Blue Lake to the city of Taos/

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