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Spokane Essential Info


Spokane is a city in eastern Washington. It is the second largest city in Washington State in the Pacific Northwest region, the largest city in the Inland Northwest (a.k.a. "The Inland Empire", pre-dating by nearly a century the use of the same title by a region in Southern California), and it is the largest city in Eastern Washington.

The Spokane River flows through the city, where it cascades over a series of waterfalls right in the heart of downtown, on its way from Idaho to the Columbia River. The geography and topography of Spokane's urban area is highly varied. This is due to its location in a valley at the intersection of the semi-arid scabland of the Columbia Plateau to the west, the rolling and fertile farmland of the Palouse to the south, and the Selkirk Mountains to the north and east.

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Fun Facts

  1. Spokane is the birthplace of Father’s Day.
  2. Spokane has the 2nd Largest Urban Waterfall in the United States after Buffalo, New York.
  3. The Lilac Bloomsday Run held in Spoake, is the world's largest timed footrace.
  4. Spokane hosts the world’s largest 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament.
  5. Spokane is the smallest city to host a World’s Fair.

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