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South Carolina Essential Info


Wouldn't it be nice to chill under a palm in The Palmetto State? Visiting the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk will put you in a beachy mood! South Carolina also has Fort Sumter, Magnolia Plantation and, despite their state flag depicting a palmetto tree, the enormous and ancient Angel Oak on St. John's Island near the lovely city of Charleston.


Best Time To Go

Apr-May, Sep-Oct

Current Weather

67 °F


Fun Facts

  1. The world’s smallest police station is in Ridgeway, South Carolina.
  2. The first game of golf played in the country took place in Charleston, South Carolina.
  3. Morgan Island in South Carolina is an uninhabited island and home to the only free-ranging colony of rhesus macaque monkeys in the United States.
  4. Sumter, South Carolina has the largest Gingko farm in the world.
  5. Drayton Hall in South Carolina was built in 1738 and is the oldest preserved plantation house open to the public.

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