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Sioux City is located on the western edge of the state of Iowa. It is located on the Missouri River and many parts of Sioux City are located among the unique Loess Hills formations.

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  1. Sioux City lies in three states. Sioux City, the largest section, lies in Iowa, while North Sioux City is in South Dakota and South Sioux City is in Nebraska.
  2. At one time, the Sioux City stockyards sold more livestock than anywhere else in the country, and the smells that wafted from the yards and packing plants were jokingly referred to as the “the smell of money.” The stockyards closed in 2002.
  3. Sergeant Charles Floyd Jr., the only casualty on Lewis and Clark’s expedition, died in what is today Sioux City. His grave became the country’s first designated National Historic Landmark in 1900.
  4. E.C. Palmer Candy Company, which began as a wholesale grocery store in Sioux City in 1878, is one of the oldest candy companies in the country.
  5. The infamous 1989 United Airlines Flight 232 crash made history in Sioux City. Although 111 people died, 185 survived, a rather high survival rate based on the severity of the crash.

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