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Roseburg is the county seat of Douglas County, in Southern Oregon.

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  1. Roseburg is known as the "Timber Capital of the Nation".
  2. David Hume Kennerly, presidential photographer for Gerald Ford,and Pulitzer Prize winner, began his career in Roseburg.
  3. On August 7, 1959, the Gerretsen Building Supply Company caught fire, and subsequently, a truck for the Pacific Powder Company which was parked nearby exploded, destroying buildings in an eight-block radius and severely damaging 30 more blocks. This incident commonly referred to as the "Roseburg Blast" or simply "The Blast".
  4. In 2005, SOPTV produced a documentary examining the Blast and the experiences of those who were involved or witnessed it, entitled The Roseburg Blast: A Catastrophe and Its Heroes.

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