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Rock Springs Essential Info


Rock Springs is located Southwest Wyoming. Rock Springs is the biggest city on Sweetwater County with a population of 18,708 at the 2000 census. Rock Springs nickname is: "Home of 52 Nationalities".

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Fun Facts

  1. Rock Springs was featured on 60 Minutes in 1977 due to corruption within the Police Department and City Government.
  2. One of the worst incidents of anti-immigrant violence in American history, known as the Rock Springs Massacre, occurred among miners working near Rock Springs on September 2, 1885.
  3. As a young man, outlaw “Butch” Cassidy worked in Rock Springs as a butcher.
  4. Rock Springs was once known as the City of “56 Nationalities”, as people emigrated to Rock Springs in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s to work in the Union Pacific coal mines.

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