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Reno Essential Info


Reno, the "Biggest Little City in the World" is located in the beautiful north-west region of the State of Nevada, right at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountain range and about an hour from Lake Tahoe, a destination with something to offer for everyone. Reno is the second largest tourist destination in Nevada. Activities available in Reno include gaming, family entertainment, outdoor activities, festivals, museums, fantastic cuisine, shows for everyone, art and culture. . This is it, the gateway to the old west. Reno is where the historic Johnson-Jeffries fight happened, where Marylin Monroe and Clark Gable made "the Misfits" in 1961, and where the railroad tumbles down out of the mountains from California to cross the Truckee River and begin the long journey east. It's difficult to walk the streets of Reno without seeing the history in this dynamic city.

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Fun Facts

  1. Before taking the pen name “Mark Twain,” Samuel Clemens went to Reno to search for gold and silver.
  2. Before Vegas took off in the 1960s, Reno was the gambling capital of america.
  3. With more than 16,000 slot machines, Reno has one machine for every 14 residents.
  4. It is illegal to lie down on the side walk in Reno.
  5. Reno’s national bowling stadium is home to the world’s longest bowling scoring display and is often referred to as the “taj mahal of tenpins.”

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