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Pagosa Springs Essential Info


Pagosa Springs is a town in Southwestern Colorado along the San Juan River. It is most famous for its natural hot springs. There are also many opportunities for recreational activities nearby, such as the Wolf Creek Ski Area.

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Fun Facts

  1. Long touted as the largest and hottest natural mineral outflow in the world, the the "Great Pagosah Hot Spring" is often coveted for its healing and restorative qualities.
  2. Pagosa Springs is located in the upper San Juan Basin, surrounded by the 3 million acre San Juan National Forest, and adjacent to the largest wilderness area in the state of Colorado, the Weminuche Wilderness.
  3. With Puebloan and Chacoan ruins in the area in Pago Springs, it is possible that the hot springs were in use at least 1000 years ago.
  4. The area around Pagosa Springs has numerous large waterfalls, including Treasure Falls to the east of town, just past the Wolf Creek Pass summit.

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