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Ocean Shores Essential Info


Ocean Shores is a city in the Olympic Peninsula region of Washington. It is located between Grays Harbor and the natural beauty of the Pacific Ocean. It is also near the wild wetlands of the Olympic Peninsula. The ocean shores are spectacular with a first-class resorts that offer the finest family vacation lodging anywhere on the Washington coast. The pacific coastline is made up of secluded beaches and ancient rainforests.

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Fun Facts

  1. The first lots were sold in Ocean Shores in 1960. The city was not incorporated though until 1970.
  2. Beginning in 1966, and lasting several years, singer Pat Boone hosted his Celebrity Classic Golf Tournament in Ocean Shores.
  3. The Point Brown peninsula where Ocean Shores is located was a cattle ranch starting in the late 1920s. The owner sold it to the Ocean Shores Development Corporation for $1 million in 1960.
  4. The SS Catala was brought up from California to Ocean Shores, to become a "boatel" and charter fleet office. Two years later a southwest winter storm drove her into the sand and for many years she was the most famous shipwreck on the Washington Coast.
  5. The book Death on the Fourth of July by David Neiwert documents a racially charged killing which took place in Ocean Shores on July 4, 2000.

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