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Newport Beach is a city famous for its lavish lifestyle and beautiful surroundings. Television enthusiasts will recognize the resemblance to the show The O.C., and not just by virtue of its location in Orange County, California. The American city has its share of "beautiful people" often with wealth to spare. Yet it's very possible to enjoy life in Newport Beach amongst the millionaires on a low, low budget. The area code for all of Newport Beach is 949.

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  1. Newport Harbor is the largest small-yacht harbor in the United States with over 16,000 vessels.
  2. The famous Newport Beach Film Festival features more than three hundred short films annually.
  3. Newport Beach is known as the most Republican city in California.
  4. In 1927, a home was built at the mouth of the entrance of Newport Harbor that came to be known as the China House of China Cove. The home was built using the traditional Chinese architecture, and was a landmark in the Newport Beach Harbor until it was demolished in the 1980s
  5. The popular TV show The O.C. was based on the fictional lives of people living in Newport Beach.

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