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Myrtle Beach Essential Info


Myrtle Beach is a major tourist destination along the South Atlantic coast of South Carolina. It is widely known for its wide beaches, large selection of challenging golf links, excellent seafood restaurants, and outlet-style shopping activities. It attracts over 14 million visitors annually, consisting of tourists from other Southern states or "Snowbirds" from the North, who may own a condominium or timeshare along the coast. It also has more miniature-golf courses per square miles than any other place on earth.

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Fun Facts

  1. Vanna White, the Wheel of Fortune hostess, was born in Myrtle Beach.
  2. There are more than 425 hotels and 89,600 accommodation units in the Myrtle Beach area.
  3. A time capsule to be opened December 18, 2054, is buried at Nance Plaza on the southwest corner of Kings Highway and Ninth Avenue North in Myrtle Beach.
  4. Myrtle Beach is known as the seaside golf capital of the world and also claims to be the miniature golf capital of the world.
  5. There are nearly 1500 restaurants in the Myrtle Beach area.

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