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Muskegon Essential Info


Muskegon is a city in West Michigan. Image via

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Fun Facts

  1. The name "Muskegon" is derived from the Ottawa tribe term "Masquigon", meaning "marshy river or swamp".[
  2. Pere Marquette Beach in Muskegon, is the largest free public beach on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan,.
  3. Michigan's Adventure, the largest amusement park in the state, is located in Muskegon County, a few miles north of the city of Muskegon.
  4. James Bakker, an American televangelist, a former Assemblies of God minister and a former host who was embroiled in a sex scandal, was born in Muskegon.
  5. Buster Keaton, iconic comedian and film director was born in Kansas but spent childhood summers in Muskegon with his family as a member of the Muskegon Actors' Colony

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