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Los Gatos Essential Info


Los Gatos is a town in Santa Clara County, near San Jose, California in the foothills of the Santa Cruz mountains.

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Fun Facts

  1. Los Gatos is home to the "Smallest House on the Smallest Lot in Silicon Valley."
  2. Netflix was founded in Los Gatos and has developed a large presence in the area.
  3. Though the official total area of the town is 11.2 square miles, approximately 100 square miles of the surrounding Los Gatos Mountains has a Los Gatos address and uses the 95033 zip code
  4. Gary Ross Dahl, the creator of the Pet Rock, lived in Los Gatos.
  5. John Steinbeck, an American author of twenty-seven books including East of Eden and Grapes of Wrath, built a summer ranch-home in Los Gatos.

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