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Lake Buena Vista Essential Info


Lake Buena Vista is a municipality in Orange County, East Central Florida. Known mainly as home to the world famous Walt Disney World, Lake Buena Vista is situated by the Disney theme parks and is controlled by The Walt Disney Company. Founded in the 1960s, Walt Disney’s original plan for Lake Buena Vista included at least one futuristic living area, but was never built. This futuristic idea was later used at Epcot. Lake Buena Vista is sited southwest of Orlando, between Orlando and Kissimmee, along the Interstate 4 corridor.

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Fun Facts

  1. Lake Buena Vista is known for being the mailing address for Walt Disney World.
  2. Lake Buenavista was called "Blake Lake" before its acquisition by Disney, and was named for Buena Vista Street in Burbank, California,
  3. As of 2013, the permamanent poulation of Lake Buenvista was 10.

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