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Kittery Essential Info


Kittery is a small town in Maine, directly across from the New Hampshire border, that features a number of outlet stores.

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Fun Facts

  1. Kittery is best known for having some of the best outlet shopping in New England. There are over 120 Kittery outlets along a one-mile stretch of Route 1, just off I-95.
  2. The Portsmouth Naval Shipyard is actually located in Kittery, despite its name implying that it is in New Hampshire.
  3. In 1623, Kittery was first settled and established as a fishery.
  4. The John Bray House in Kittery, built in 1662, is believed to be the oldest surviving house in Maine.
  5. In 1996, the movie Thinner, based on the 1984 Stephen King-penned novel Thinner, was filmed in Kittery.

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