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Goldsboro Essential Info


Goldsboro is a rapidly growing town located in Wayne County, on the North Carolina Coastal Plain, near the Research Triangle. The city currently boasts nearly 50,000 residents with a growing commercial and suburban lifestyle. This city is home to F-15E fighter wing housed at Seymour Johnson AFB.

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  1. In 1961, a B-52G broke up in midair over Goldsboro, NC. Two nuclear bombs on board were dropped in the process, but didn't detonate. After the bombs were recovered, the Air Force found that five of the six stages of the arming sequence had been completed.
  2. Goldsboro is the home to Seymour Johnson Air Force Base.
  3. The city is home to Goldsboro Milling Company, the 10th largest producer of hogs in the U.S., and also a major producer of turkeys.
  4. The Oheb Shalom synagogue's Romanesque Revival building is one of fewer than a hundred nineteenth-century synagogues still standing in the United States, and the second oldest synagogue building in the state.
  5. On August 1, 1880, the first patient was admitted to the then named "Asylum for Colored Insane" in Goldsboro. Since that time, there have been several name changes including: The Eastern North Carolina Insane Asylum, Eastern Hospital, and State Hospital at Goldsboro. The name was changed to Cherry Hospital in 1959 in honor of Governor R. Gregg Cherry.

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