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Fayetteville Essential Info


Fayetteville is in the Ozarks and the Ozarks Region of Arkansas.

It is home for the main campus of the University of Arkansas.

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Fun Facts

  1. Known as Washington until 1829, the city was named after Fayetteville, Tennessee, from which many of the settlers had come.
  2. Fayetteville is home to the University of Arkansas, the state's largest university.
  3. Due to the success of Arkansas's track and cross country teams, Fayetteville is sometimes called the "Track Capital of the World".
  4. Lisa Suzanne Blount, an American film and television actress, and Oscar-winning producer, was born in Fayetteville.
  5. Bill Clinton, 42nd U.S. President, former Arkansas governor, lived in Fayetteville while on the faculty of the University of Arkansas Law School

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