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Cedar City Essential Info


Cedar City is a small city in Dixie, Utah, and is a good place to stock up on supplies before heading into beautiful wilderness areas stretching out in all directions. The city is sandwiched between mountain ranges covered by Dixie National Forest, while further to the southwest lie the remotest areas of Zion National Park, and to the east Cedar Breaks National Monument and Bryce Canyon National Park.

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Fun Facts

  1. Helen Foster Snow, a journalist who reported from China in the 1930s under the name "Nym Wales" on the developing revolution in China and the Korean independence movement, was born in Cedar City.
  2. Cedar City ws originally named Fort Cedar because of the abundance of trees which were called cedar trees, although they are actually junipers.
  3. The coming of the railroad to Cedar City in 1923 exposed Utah's national parks to the world of tourism, and Cedar City was promoted as the "gateway to the parks".
  4. The presence of prehistoric people in the Cedar City area is revealed by rock art found in Parowan Gap to the north and Fremont sites dated to A.D. 1000 and 1300.

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