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Cape Canaveral Essential Info


Cape Canaveral is part of a region known as the "Space Coast", since all of the manned United States spacecraft are launched from the Space Center on nearby Merritt Island.
The city of Cape Canaveral is located at the northern end of a barrier island on the Atlantic coast of Florida. It is due south of the geographical feature Cape Canaveral which is on Merritt Island.

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Fun Facts

  1. Cape Canaveral is America's launch pad for space flights.
  2. Cape Canaveral has a lighthouse which was built in 1848 because shoals extend 15 milesoff the coast. It is s still operating, blinking 2 times in 4.8 seconds, then dark for about 15 seconds before flashing again.
  3. Apollo 12 was hit by lightning shortly after liftoff in 1969, but continued without a problem
  4. Allison Anders, raised in the city, filmed Things Behind the Sun in Brevard County in 2001.

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