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Boothbay Harbor Essential Info


Boothbay Harbor is a city in Maine.

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Fun Facts

  1. In 1889, Boothbay Harbor was set off from Boothbay and incorporated as the town of Boothbay Harbor after a dispute over who would pay for fire hydrants on Commercial Street.
  2. By the late 1880s, Boothbay Harbor had a fishery and fish oil company, an ice company, two marine railways, a fertilizer manufacturer, and a factory for canning lobsters.
  3. Boothbay Harbor has been referred to as the Boating Capital of New England. With over 25 daily boat excursions leaving right from the bustling harbor.
  4. ​On March 3, 1821, Congress appropriated $10,500 for three lighthouses on the Maine coast, one of them on Burnt Island at the west side of the entrance to Boothbay Harbor.

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