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Bismarck Essential Info


Bismarck is the state capital of North Dakota, and is North Dakota's second largest city. In a Cambridge University Study Bismarck was one of the safest cities in America to live. Also included in the study Bismarck ranked number one in

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  1. Bismarck was established in 1872 and was originally named ‘Edwinton’, and was renamed Bismarck after the German chancellor Otto Von Bismarck in order to entice German immigrants and trade to move to the town.
  2. The oldest and the longest-continuously running newspaper in the state is the Bismarck Tribune, which began publishing in 1873.
  3. Paula Broadwell, an American writer, academic and former military officer;' knonw for her extramarital affair with then CIA director David Petraeus. was born in Bismarck.

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