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Birmingham Essential Info


Birmingham is the largest city in the state of Alabama. With more than 1.2 million people in the metropolitan area, Birmingham is the cultural and economic heart of Alabama.

In much of the world, Birmingham is best remembered as the site of racist violence, bombings, and nonviolent protest in the 1960s, when the city was still racially segregated by law. Visitors today are often surprised to find a pleasant green city of ridges and valleys, with many attractive views and friendly, hospitable people.

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Fun Facts

  1. Birmingham was the first city in the country to celebrate Veteran’s Day.
  2. Birmingham’s infamous Vulcan statue is the largest cast iron statue in the world.
  3. Birmingham is home to three stars from the infamous American Idol TV show: Ruben Studdard,Taylor Hicks and Bo Bice.
  4. The nation’s most successful regional magazine, Southern Living is published in Birmingham.

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