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Lake Boomanjin

Fraser Island, Queensland 4581 Australia

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“At 200 hectares, Lake Boomanjin is the largest perched lake in the world.”

Perched lakes are formed when a build up of organic matter raises the lake floor above sea level. The waters of Lake Boomanjin are stained Tea Tree red and the ripples of red are due to very small creeks that carry in water which has been heavily discolored by tannin from Tea Trees. There are significantly smaller crowds compared to Lake Wabby or Lake McKenzie, so you can relax in the water and take time to feel the fine, white sand between your toes. Because this sand is made of tiny bits of quartz (which has no nutritional value) there are very few plants that survive, and those that do have adapted to the environment by finding food outside the soil.

These exotic carnivorous plants dot the shores of the lake. The Sundew feeds on trapped insects, trapping them with sweet-smelling sticky mucilage. Bladderworts are decorated with small flowers and survive by trapping tiny organisms in their underground bladders.

The delicacy of the Lake Boomanjin’s ecosystem means that cosmetics such as sunscreen or bug spray should not be worn if you plan on diving in. Though Lake Boomanjin has a somewhat post-apocalyptic feel to its landscape, its shallow waters are refreshing and serene to relax in. Suitable for all ages.

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Lake Boomanjin

Fraser Island
4581 Australia
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