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Best Western Plus Henderson Hotel

1553 N Boulder Hwy, Henderson, Nevada 89011 USA


Best Western Plus Henderson Hotel

Open Now
Sun 12a-11:59p
  • Chain
  • Credit Cards
  • Pet Friendly
  • Wheelchair
  • Public

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“World's biggest hotel family.”

At the Best Western PLUS Henderson Hotel you’re sure to find that little something extra. With our modern amenities and thoughtful design, the Best Western PLUS Henderson Hotel will stand out among other hotels in Henderson, NV. For the business traveler, a spacious work desk and free internet access are included in all our guest rooms to ensure you don’t miss a beat while you’re away from the office. For extended stays, each room provides a convenient in-room mini fridge that is ideal for drinks and snacks. We also have an in-house fitness room, so you can keep up your workout routine while you’re on the road. As always, the Best Western PLUS Henderson Hotel will provide you with the superior customer service that you are used to at any Best Western hotel.

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June 12, 2016
Rated 5.0

Just spent last night at this hotel while visiting family in Henderson and I cant say enough about how nice it was. For less the $60 we got a nicely furnished clean room, free wifi, friendly staff, and more than a continental breakfast that was probably better than Denny's. We will definitely stay here again next time we visit the Vegas area. Plus its only 20 min from the strip

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April 04, 2015
Rated 1.0

First off, just take a look at the star rating on Facebook. 6 out of 26 people gave this hotel 2 stars or less, That is 25% of the guests who bothered to leave a review. I will be leaving this review in the same tone with which my party and I were treated.
If I could give this hotel a negative star rating I would be all over it. The manager/owner is a jerk and feels that rudeness and sarcasm are how to deal with customer complaints. My experience at this hell hole: Not only is the hotel NOT handicap friendly (at least not for the handicapped person in our party), we checked in and didn't get the room we asked for, beds are soooo uncomfortable. Most of the evening the hotel was just fine, maybe that was because we were out at dinner the whole night, then we get back to the hotel hoping to take showers but the shower had MANY black hairs in it and no one felt comfortable that it was actually clean. Also, there were 2 washcloths for 3 guests, and not one spare blanket in the room. Then about 10pm we decided to go to bed and noticed quite a bit of noise in the hallway. There were children running up and down the hall, underage and unsupervised, making quite a bit of noise and keeping us up. We thought about calling down to the desk and complaining but thought maybe we were making too much of a big deal of it, so bit our tongues. Then at 6:45am we were awoken. NOT by an alarm or a wake up call from the front desk. Nope, by the kids yelling and running up and down the halls again, this time the parents were present. We waited 45 MINUTES for it to quiet down before we finally had to say something. It took us 4 times of asking nicely and one time of yelling at them to finally be heard over their noise to please be quiet, people are still trying to sleep. Isn't that one of the main reasons you get a hotel room? When we called down to the front desk to complain we were told that we would have to call down later to talk to the manager. And then as we were about to hang up 'oh, and im sorry' click. Umm, wow. So ok, you wont take my complaint and give it to the manager, I have to do it later? We then went down to the powdered egg breakfast and I saw that the manager was in his office. I was respectful, stood at his door, waited several minutes to be acknowledged and never was. I then stepped into the office and asked if he was the manager and if i could speak with him a moment. Before I had a chance to discuss the issue, the first words out of his mouth to me were 'You're from room 348 aren't you?' Hmmmm, as a matter of fact, yes & why? Well apparently the desk clerk DID tell the manager and he wasn't happy that I was talking to him. Just doing what YOUR EMPLOYEE told me to do. So I let him know my experience and here is what he told me: 'You should have called last night and we would have moved you.'In his most 'why are you bothering me, get over it' tone. Why do WE have to move when WE are not breaking the rules and causing problems? You would make me move after 11 pm because I was complaining? Secondly he admitted that he lives on the 3rd floor and heard all of the noise and didn't do a thing about it. So apparently it is appropriate, in this particular hotel, to run up and down the halls and make large amounts of noise at any hour. Since he heard all of the commotion, was WELL AWARE it was going on and allowed it to happen anyway. YOU ARE THE OWNER, WHY ARE YOU NOT MAKING SURE PEOPLE ARE FOLLOWING THE RULES WHEN YOU ARE AWARE THEY ARE BEING TOO LOUD?And how did I become the bad guy for complaining? My suspicion (as well as Best Westerns Corporate Office suspects) is that the noisy people were either his family or he knew them and put them up and let them just run amok.

When checking out & trying to complete the payment process, we weren't too happy about our treatment and were pretty vocal about it at this point. Because apparently being vocal is ok in this hotel, right? But when we did it, the owner/manager got pissed and came out and told us to"just leave, get out of here. (Well, do you want us to pay for the room or get out of here, which is it?) You know, I was going to give you a free nights stay but not now." ANd then he BANNed us from ever staying at his hotel again. Are you kidding? Why would we stay with them again with an owner who acts like this? I would never, in any way, give another dime of my money. It was all I could do to keep from laughing at him for thinking we would come back. We told him we would never stay where the owner/manager treats customers/guests the way he treated us, especially if they admit they knew people were being loud & disruptive but didn't do anything about it. He then tried to assert himself and told us to be quiet, the conversation was over. Did I mention this man is in the HOSPITALITY business? Fine with us, we didn't start the conversation with you anyway, YOU followed us down the hall to the check out desk. The he came back and said: ' well apparently you don't have kids'. (but I thought the conversation was over....?) Yes we do and they are respectful of others and would NEVER be allowed to run up and down hallways after 10 at night or before 8 in the morning to make all kinds of noise because we are not the only people in the hotel or the world. Then he said 'Well you know, i just called up all those kids and told 'em just to run around room 348 and cause problems just for you.' Yes, this is the attitude of the owner. He then got busy 'banning' from 'his' hotel and kept up the sarcastic remarks (again, even though the conversation was over). Then he said to us, with out ANY of us saying we were going to give any kind of review, let alone a bad one: 'You can write anything you want anywhere you want, but I have the last say in everything, I'm the owner.' Power hungry much?
Well, Danny Baker, owner/manager of the BW Henderson, I have a say too, with my money and cancelling the rest of the Best Western hotels along our trip. I will be calling BW to make sure they understand that YOU caused of other independent owners of Best Westerns to lose business because of you. If BW corporate doesn't like how you are doing business and representing their company, I feel confident you would hear about it if not lose the right to own the BW. You do work for someone, even if you do own this poorly cleaned and run hotel.

There are SO many BETTER hotels in Henderson & the surrounding area. Spend the money and be treated with respect. The ONLY saving grace was the very nice assistant to the general manager. Unfortunately I did not get her name, but she was very professional. I feel for her as Danny is her direct boss.

Good luck to you if you stay here as the owner/ manager is childish in my experience. At least he gave me a nice smile on my face for the rest of the day. Just so cute of you to think that a future free night at your hotel would fix anything after your crappy attitude and non existent customer service. Im not sure you realize that, at this point, it isn't about the children running around. Its about your lack of action & hospitality, poor attitude and crappy treatment of my party. Not too surprised at how many one & two stars you got on Facebook, but it is a pretty high number compared to MOST hotels

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Best Western Plus Henderson Hotel

1553 N Boulder Hwy
Henderson, Nevada
89011 USA


Open 24 hours today
  • Sun - Sat: 12:00 am - 11:59 pm

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  • Parking
  • Pets Allowed
  • Restrooms
  • Wifi
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Credit Cards Accepted
Rooms Count
Check In
3:00 PM
Check Out
11:00 AM
  • All Day Front Desk
  • Air Conditioning
  • Business Center
  • Continental Breakfast
  • Fitness Facility
  • Laundry
  • Luggage Storage
  • Meeting Facilities
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Restaurant
  • Safe Box
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