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Rusty Pig Bar-B-Q Glennville

600 North Main, Glennville, Georgia 30427 USA

Open Now
Wed 10:30a-9p
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June 30, 2018
Rated 3.0

Snort. Snuffle. Snuffle.

So there ain't nothing in the world that can't be improved by adding pulled pork and butter to it. I probably already knew that, but just to be sure I ordered the Piggy Cheese & Stew combo: That's a grilled cheese sandwich, fairly dripping in butter or something like it, and infused with a heapin' helpin' of pulled pork; plus a side of Brunswick stew. As an homage to this, my first trip to Georgia in a few years -- maybe two -- I added a portion of fried green tomatoes as well.

The sandwich wasn't bad; it was the size of two slices of Wonder bread, grilled with some flavour-inspecific cheese, perhaps Cheddar, perhaps American, perhaps the stuff the government used to give away to poor folk. The pulled pork, though, saved it from being unworthy of mention. Not a whole lot of pulled pork, you understand; certainly not the "heapin' helpin' mentioned above. But enough to satisfy. It was good, tender, tasty, and adequate.

The Brunswick stew was a fine exemplar of that traditional Southern dish. beans, veggies, and a nice sauce surrounded meat that might have been chicken, might have been squirrel or rabbit. It was vague enough to allow me to believe, anyway, that it might have been something one of Oglethorpe's crowd trapped out behind the terbacky barn just this morning. I want to believe that, because adventure has been in short supply on this road trip so far; but I'm pretty sure it was really something more modern and pedestrian. Still, very good flavour and texture, just not enough of it.

The fried green tomatoes were cut half an inch thick and battered like onion rings. They retained the heat of the fryer right down to the last bite. Unfortunately, the dipping sauce -- I picked the one with horseradish from the six possibilites listed -- was served in two tiny plastic ramekins, way too small for dipping. It made the eating a challenge, of a tedious sort. And that challenge wasn't made any less by the single-use plastic everything: plates, ramekins, utensils. Environmental news doesn't penetrate this far into Trump-land, so nobody's aware of what all this plastic is doing to the world and probably wouldn't much care anyway. It's China's problem.

The prices? Well, the sandwich and stew were pretty reasonable at seven bucks, even though the stew portion was pretty small. The fried green tomatoes, not a regular part of the menu, were four and a half bucks, which I thought was a little high but not entirely unreasonable. The dipping sauce was disappointing at four bits. So all in all, let's say it was about what you should expect.

Ambience is unexceptional, though the place seems a bit cleaner than most similar restaurants, and the whole place has, naturally, a small-town feel to it, meaning you're surprised not to run into everybody you know. Everybody's friendly, including the staff.

THE CURMUDGEON’S RATINGS (explained, sort of, on the Curmudgeon-About-Town blog):

FOOD: 2 1/2 chili peppers (out of 5)
SERVICE: 3 chili peppers
AMBIENCE: 3 chili peppers
VALUE: 2 1/2 chili peppers

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Rusty Pig Bar-B-Q Glennville

600 North Main
Glennville, Georgia
30427 USA


Open now until 9:00 pm
  • Tue - Sat: 10:30 am - 9:00 pm

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