114 1st Street Trip

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Created by rebeccaschultz2 - June 8th 2022

Falls City, NE, United States

Photo of The Espresso Shop

419 North Dewey, North Platte, NE, US

The Espresso Shop

1249 N Homestead Rd, North Platte, NE, US

Golden Spike Tower and Visitor Center

Photo of Days Inn Paxton RV Park

851 Paxton-Elsie Rd., Paxton, NE, US

Days Inn Paxton RV Park


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41502 Harvest Dr, Cambridge, NE, US

Cobblestone Inn And Suites Cambridge, Ne

269mi 04h 44m

501 Lemon St, Bartley, NE, US

Lemon Street Antiques


312 Norris Ave, NE, US

Sehnert's Bakery & Bieroc Cafe

155mi 02h 43m

114 1st Street, Sedgwick, CO, United States